Romantic Comedies

She Sins at Midnight

She Sins at Midnight

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Lila Montgomery, thirty-two-year-old Hollywood assistant extraordinaire, has a secret. On the outside, she’s a hard-working dedicated employee, a good friend, and a loving daughter. But above all else, she’s been raised to be a lady, which of course is why she’s determined to conceal her secret life. If her straight-laced friends and family back home ever discover that she is really the smashing new author of a steamy romance novel, their disapproval would shame her forever! That’s why Lila has chosen to publish her sexy narrative under the nom de plume, Jasmine Sheath.

With her fifteenth high school class reunion on the horizon, Lila finds herself at a crossroads. More than anything she wants to go home and see her childhood friends but is embarrassed that she hasn’t accomplished the things she feels she should have by this time in her life; mainly marriage and children.

After another brutal run-in with Melinda Forrester, Oscar nominated actress and client of her boss, Josh Furber, Lila decides that fleeing Hollywood for a month is the best thing for her. Lila packs her bags for her childhood home of Bentley Hills, sure that her friends and family will be the touchstone of normalcy that she so desperately needs. What she doesn’t expect is that Melinda will follow her and a tabloid media circus will ensue!

Not only does Lila discover that her home is nothing like she remembers, but she meets and falls in love with the very man that inspired the hero in her novel.

She Sins at Midnight is full of laugh out loud hijinks that will make you never look at Hollywood the same way again!

Author, Whitney Dineen, swears that this novel is based purely on fiction and that any characters bearing any resemblance to any celebrities you know are completely and totally fictitious; even though she spent eighteen years in La La Land, with a celebrity client base for her real job…

The Reinvention of Mimi FinneganThe Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan

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Thirty-four year old, Mimi Finnegan, is the third of four daughters and in her eyes, by far, the most unremarkable. She has no singular accomplishment that can stand up to any of her sisters. And if that isn’t enough, she is the only single sibling in her family.

Mimi’s sisters decide that it’s time she gets serious about husband hunting, so they begin a campaign to find Mr. Right for her. Considering her most recent dating encounters include a night club owner who stuffs bratwurst in his pants and a WASPy trust fund baby, living happily under his mother’s thumb, Mimi is more than ready to meet THE ONE. Enter celebrated British novelist, Elliot Fielding.

Sexual tension and anger heat up between the duo and it isn’t until Mimi discovers that Elliot is almost engaged to another that she realizes she is head-over-heels in love with him.

The journey will make you laugh, cry and want to pull your hair out from frustration! Mimi eventually learns she is quite remarkable in her own right and never needed to worry she lived in her sisters shadows.

The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan is the perfect laugh-out-loud, feel good book for any woman who has ever felt that she wasn’t good enough.


14 thoughts on “Romantic Comedies

  1. I fell in love with Mimi. She’s that funny down to earth girl you wish was your best friend. I truly hope you are writing a sequel for Mimi. I have to spend a great deal of my time being still on the couch and this book was so entertaining. I hated to turn the last page. Have also read “She Sins at Midnight” which was pure enjoyment as well. Will be eagerly waiting for your next book. Thanks!


  2. Oh I loved She Sins At Midnight! Absolutely delightful! I really disliked Melinda (which I kind of felt bad about, but I suppose that shows you know what you are doing) and LOVED Lila (and Jilly, Jessica, Cyn, Will, Creghton, Bitsy, EVERYBODY). you are so well written, I got lost in it! Is there sequel to Lila’s story? i’d love to know where Cyn and Berry end up. however, i do love how you ended the book. I can’t wait to read Mimi’s story.


  3. I just finished reading the reinvention of Mimi Finnegan. What a wonderful journey of laughter! such a great way to start my week. I’m a new fan!!!! can’t wait to read the rest of your work!


  4. I found ur books by chance on Amazon kindle. And Instantlg loved them . I’ve read the two of them in under two wks,thought they were hilariously funny, unpredictable and quirky! Can’t wait for the next one


  5. Your romantic comedies are wonderfully delightful stories Mimi the main was charming and totally believable. Your imaginative story line was artistically crafted with love and humor. Great job recommended for all.


  6. Your humer and cense of stories telling is refreshing and makes me want to continue to read your books. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the antics Mimi found herself in. How enjoyable it was to read this book and two others of yours


  7. I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw that She Sins at Night was free on Amazon via BookHub. I said now this is a must read! And boy what a great read!!!
    I got divorced this year, I don’t have a job, basically my life is a mess and this book was exactly what I needed. Humor and romance.
    It would be nice to see the look on Lila’s face when she came home and found her mom was a completely different person from the days she remembered her. And the way Creigh teased Lila when he found out that Jasmine was actually Lila.

    This book must be adapted to a movie. I absofuckinglutely love it!
    Thank you for helping me escape my miserable life for less than a week


  8. I just finished reading The Reinvention of Mimi Finnegan and I absolutely loved it. I might be 71 years old but I truly fell in love with the character of Mimi. This was a “can not put down” book. I loved the connection to Weight Watchers and the fact that Mimi is like so many of us and struggles with some extra weight. Truly a wonderful read. Thank you for writing this book, brought me a lot of reading pleasure.


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